An immigrant may be placed in removal proceedings for a variety of reasons, including unauthorized presence in the United Status and commission of certain crimes, even when they occurred years ago. When an immigrant is placed in removal proceedings, he/she could be placed in detention while awaiting an appointment to appear before the Immigration Court. In these kinds of cases, the threat to family separation varies. Depending on the severity of the immigration violation or the seriousness of the crime, if not handled properly, the separation could become permanent.

Our firm represents immigrants facing an order of removal because of immigration violations. Mr. Sperling personally reviews all aspects of a removal case and carefully explains what remedies are available. These remedies can include political asylum, cancellation of removal for permanent or non-permanent residents, NACARA, TPS, or requests for Prosecutorial Discretion. If you are already in removal proceedings, make an appointment with Mr. Sperling today to figure out what relief is best for your particular circumstances.